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100% Tier 1 Traffic. Highly qualified leads for MMO and Biz Opp. Premium solo ad traffic that converts like crazy. Fresh subscribers added daily.
Connie Grevengoed
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About me
* 100% Tier One Traffic - traffic from English-speaking countries (US, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand
* Traffic is great for MMO and Biz Opp offers
* Many of my customers have grown their list to over 10,000 subscribers
* Every one of my customers is a potential long-term client. I want you to succeed because the reputation of my business is dependent on your success
* I will look through your funnel to make sure it works well for my list.
I look forward to helping you build your list and have lots of success!

Please Note: I am providing you with a high-quality lead generation service to help you build your list (not a guaranteed sales service) Also, I only offer traffic in the MMO and Biz Opp Niche.
What type of offers convert well to your traffic?
Make Money Online Products
Biz Opp Offers or MLM Offers
Affiliate offers in the MMO niche
I have never heard of you. Why should I trust you?
I've been selling traffic for years and I have a lot of experience in this niche. I would not jeopardize my reputation and business for a few hundred dollars.
How do I know your solo ads will work?
I nurture my list and have high-quality leads. I send them to a pre-qualification funnel and only those who qualify become part of my list. We consistently remove inactive leads. Although i can't make any guarantees, I'm confident you will see results that you've never experienced before.
Do I need to give you an email swipe copy?
That is completely up to you. I do write copy if you don't have one. Since it is my list and I know what they respond to at times it may be better for me to write the email for you.
How fast can you start after I place an order?
My schedule is very tight but I am usually able to start it within 24 to 36 hours.
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