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20 years experience in online marketing, and expert in email marketing, sms marketing and ppc. 10 years experience in list building.
From Denmark.
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*** BUY COUNTRY SPECIFIC EMAIL SENDING - GERMANY, UNITED KINGDOM, AUSTRALIA, CANADA, DENMARK, SWEDEN, NORWAY, FINLAND. *** TOP NICHES: CASINO, FINANS, CRYPTO, NUTRA, MAKE MONEY ONLINE *** ADDING 1000+ NEW AND FRESH SUBS PER DAY *** LEADS SOURCE: FACEBOOK, PPC ADS, SEO AND AFFILIATE SALES. *** I WILL FOR FREE TRANSLATE YOUR ENGLISH TEXT TO THE COUNTRY YOU WANT TO EMAI. *** I WILL SENT YOU PREVIEW OF THE HTML EMAIL BEFORE SENDING ANY QUESTIONS ON ANYTHING PLEASE FEEL FREE TO GET IN TOUCH, I OR OF MY FRIENDLY ASSISTANT RIKKE WILL ANSWER YOUR QUESTIONS PROMPTLY. MY TRAFFIC WORKS WITH AFFILIATE OFFERS (direct linking or funnel/lp) However, please note that although I want you to get the best from your solo, I cannot guarantee results in terms of conversions. Think about it for a minute. If I could there would be something fishy happening. What I can do and I guarantee are unique quality human clicks from my list (and not anyone's else's) to your offer. So, when leaving feedback please note that feedback stands for clicks getting delivered within (Udimi allowed) time and for communication with you. And not whether or not you've made sales. There is a place to indicate that in your feedback but that is a separate rating. So as long as I keep my part of the deal which is to deliver unique clicks to your offer and in time and answer all your questions and work with you for any issues, I'd expect a positive rating. And of-course I'll do the same for you. Any questions or concerns on anything written above or related to your booking, either before, during or after your solo ad, myself or my assistant Rikke will be around to take care of you. Best Regards Michael