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Digital Creator, Marketing Analyst and Affiliate Marketer. Other Services: -Medical Coding and Billing Specialist. - Pharmacy Technician - CDL-A Driver - FaB Cleaning and Junk Removal - An- Noor Wood Institute Born Muslim and raised in Benin, West Africa. He graduated his high school in 2012. Accomplished 2 years at the University of Abomey-Calavi in Faculty of Science and Technology. Came in U.S. in February 2015 as a French Speaker. I attended Black Hawk College in Illinois to get English Second Language Certificate (ESL) . In 2019, He moved to Aviation Institute of Maintenance in Kansas City Missouri, where he joined The U.S. Army. He enlisted into the Active Army in December 2019. I am a veterans( Your safety is our priority here), father and hatband. He earned, certifications: Phlebotomy Technician, pharmacy tech, Medical Coding and Billing, Patient care Assistant), and CDL-A. Military: ( Hazmat Certs, Fire Fighter...) He's actively helping the communities on the behalf of his Non Profit Organization Youth for Social and Entrepreneurship "[Jeunesse pour le Social et L'entreprenariat (JSE)]". He also an Entrepreneur and the CEO of An-Noor Wood Institute. He's seeking his Bachelor Degree in Science, Mathematics and Technology. He is passionate about Marketing Analyst , graphic and web design.
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