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- 7 Years Online Business Experience - Finally bringing my list over to Udimi. - MMO, Biz OP, 100% Real subscribers. I add to my list daily.
From Canada.
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I am bringing my list to UDIMI! I have kept my offers exclusive to a tight-nit group of customers, but now I am expanding my customer base. I will only be on Udimi and offering LIMITED traffic. My list has been built over the past five years and I add anywhere from 100 to 300 new subs everyday so you are constantly getting fresh people in front of your offer. - BEST FOR BIZ OPP - SINGLE OPT INS WORK BEST - LIMITED TIME ONLY PRICES - Minimum 90% Tier 1 Traffic - 10% Over Delivery - 100-300+ Fresh Subscribers Added Daily ▫️ Most Orders Are Accepted Promptly MMO & BIZ OPP