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Biz Op – eMail W/ 10-15% over delivery. Mobile or No Mobile 95% T1. 100% USA. 100% T1 English Speaking.
Chee Yuong Ngoi
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24 hours
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Do we use pop-ups for traffic?
We do not use pop-ups, pop-unders, adfly, exit pops or any other kind of low-quality traffic.
How long will you run our solo Ad after order?
48-36 Hours After you Order, One Of Our Team Members will send you your actual Solo Ad Run Date.
In what case will you reject a solo ad?
We reserve the right to refuse ANY solo ad. If you are advertising something that is not a fit for our list, we will refund your money promptly.
Do you provide guarantee for the campaign?
We can only guarantee the amount of unique clicks that you purchase. How effective your campaign depends on your offer. If you have a quality offer, you will get opt-ins and sales…
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