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About me and my offer
Hi, It’s me – Martin Palotas I am the founder of the Smart Business Traffic for the home business niche and have been actively involved in the traffic for the ‘make money online’ niche for over 3 years. We’ve been constantly updating the website for 3 years and now we do it every week. Doing this puts us in a very unique and advantageous position to understand traffic and how it’s converting for various offers. So, if you have a website that needs traffic, you're in the right place! Here's Why Our Traffic is Different: Hand-Picked Traffic To Ensure Conversions: Smart Business Traffic handpick the prospects that see your offer which essentially means you see higher conversions and more profits. Unique 'Lead-Prequalification' System To Filter Out The Crap: Our ‘Lead Pre-Qualification’ system ensures that the leads that see your offer are highly motivated to try the solution/business opportunity you have to offer. 100% Top Tier Traffic That Has The Money To Invest: We do not deal with second or third tier traffic that just bloat up your autoresponder accounts but get little to no conversions, we filter them out before they see your offer. They Are in Hyper-Decision Making Mode: We literally make the leads jump through hoops to see your offer, this coupled with the email swipes written by our copywriters, results in the prospects reaching your pages in the best possible decision-making mode. No Bots or Fake Clicks: We use our in-house systems and the best softwares available online today to filter out the junk traffic. You only get real people! Life-Time Support (We'll be friends forever) Once you start working with us, if you EVER have any questions, not just about the order but anything about making money over the internet, you can contact our support desk and we’ll go above and beyond to help you out ????
Why must I buy from you?
Simple. I build my email list EVERYDAY. That means my email is fresh and are interested in YOUR offer. Plus, I built my list not only from email traffic, but also from other traffic sources like Adwords, Social Media & Media Buys. This means I have one of the most responsive and diversified traffic for my clients.
Can't I just buy cheaper traffic source like those I see from Fiverr?
Try it at your own risk! Those offers that you see on Fiverr sounds too good to be true. They can offer you 1000 clicks for $5 but you can be sure that they are not responsive at all. Think about it: If they can offer you 1000 clicks for $5, why bother selling to you when they can make much MORE by sending to affiliate offers?

Quality traffic will cost you, but you can be assured that your purchase will give you what you want.
Do you guarantee sales/conversion?
Sorry, I can send you responsive traffic but the sales/conversion will depend on your website and your funnel.
What niches are your list responsive to?
My list is great for: MMO (Make-money-online), MLM (Multi-level marketing), Home business Health/Wellness and general Internet Marketing. If you are unsure, please feel free to contact me below and we can discuss.