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Solo Ads Seller with 5+ years experience, Hundreds of thousands of clicks sold on Facebook groups, Min 90% T1, Min 10% FREE OD, 100% MMO/IM/BizOpp
From Lithuania.
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★ Solo Ads Seller 5+ years experience, Hundreds of thousands of clicks sold on Facebook groups, Min 90% T1, Min 10% OD, 100% MMO/IM/BizOpp, High-Quality ★ Hi, My name is Dainius. I provide solo ads service since early 2016. And already had thousands successful solo ads runs on Facebook groups (still counting). I cannot ignore that UDIMI has really grown over the last few years, so now I am starting to sell my service here, on UDIMI. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What will you get ordering from me? ✓ 90+% Top Tier Traffic Guaranteed (US / UK / CA / AU / NZ) ✓ Min 10% Over Delivery ✓ 100% MMO/IM/MLM/BizOpp Targeted Clicks ✓ Buyer List included! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Over the years I have built a good understanding on how to make solo ads cost-effective and most important - profitable. I am not here to just sell my clicks, I am willing to help and build good relationships with my clients. I am looking for a WIN-WIN :) TRY NOW AND YOU WON'T BE DISSAPOINTED
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I will start your order on the date you selected or earlier (if I have a spot and you accept to receive it earlier)
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You are guaranteed to get at least 90% clicks from T1 countries. Of course you can always choose 100% T1 option to receive ALL traffic from T1 countries  (US / UK / CA / AU / NZ).
What niche converts best on your traffic?
My whole traffic is built on BizOpp (Home Based Business Opportunities) & MMO ( Make Money Online) niches. So, if you have a hot BizOpp/MMO offer you are in the right place!
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I am always willing to answer your questions, so please do not hesitate and shoot that message :)
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