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About me and my offer
I have been doing internet marketing for the past 10 years with strong focus on biz opps, affiliate marketing and make money online niche. My list is hyper responsive and I have built them up throughout the years. New, fresh subs of 500 to 1000 leads added daily Since my list is constantly updated, I can almost say that your offer will not be seen by the same person twice. So you can keep ordering traffic for the same offer every day and it will not be the same.
What is the usual T1 percentage of your traffic?
I always provide 100% T1 traffic.
What are the niches of your list?
MMO, Bizzopp, and MLM
What is the usual optin rate from your traffic?
My clients usually get 35%-60% optin from my traffic. You may get less or more optin than usual depending on your optin page and system.
Can I expect sales?
I can't guarantee sales as visitor's activities cannot be controlled by anyone.