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Im 33 yrs old and a single mom. I love spending time and doing really anything with friends and family...
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My name is Ashley and I'm a mom of two. I worked in factories, went to school for medical assistant and got certified when i got laid off and my company relocated. I was unable to get a job since it required to yrs experience to get a job and couldn't get experience with no job. So i worked in assisted livings being a home aid. My mom died and having kids and my grandma having dimentia and my mom taking care of her i had to step up. My dad never even wrote a check it was a nightmare!! I have never been the type to rely on anyone other than my mom so i was lost! Its been a few yrs since than but literally seems like one thing after another everything keeps going wrong and I was tired of struggling. I have tried changing several things and also tried other things where you get promised the world. Now that i have began #PWA I couldn't be more excited!!! All the knowledge and support is beyond amazing!!!!