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About me and my offer
Hi, I'm Sandra. I am here to provide you with one of the VERY BEST email traffic online - Solo Ads Traffic I Provide High Quality Solo Ads traffic to your website. My email list are highly responsive. They know me and respond to my offers. In fact, they love to hear what I have to offer each time. As a result, I often provide solo ads service to other business. They advertise their offers to my email list, driving insane amount of traffic and SALES to their website.
What Traffic Works Best Today?
If you're looking for a highly-targeted traffic, EMAIL TRAFFIC works BEST today. Email marketing is fast, measurable and they are super targeted.
What Is Solo Ads?
Solo Ads is a form of email marketing in order to obtain responsive traffic and most of all SALES. Email marketing has always been one of the most popular form of advertising and it will continue to be in demand and expand in future.
Why Sandra Teng's Solo Ads?
☑ Highly TARGETED Traffic
☑ Fresh Leads DAILY
☑ Includes BUYERS LIST
☑ Unique Visitors Only
☑ 100% Email Traffic
☑ FAST Delivery
☑ 85% - 90% Top Tier Traffic
☑ High Over-Delivery
☑ Stats Link Included
☑ Excellent Customer Service!
Why must I buy from you?
Simple. My email list build DAILY. My email is FRESH and are INTERESTED in YOUR OFFER! In addition, I built my list not only from email traffic, but also from other traffic sources such as Adwords, Social Media & Media Buys. It shows I have one of the most responsive and diversified traffic for my top-notch clients.
Do you guarantee sales/conversion?
Sales/conversion will depend on your website and your funnel.

*Disclaimer*:  Opt-Ins, leads, sales or any other visitor’s actions on your site are not guaranteed. I can not (and nobody can) guarantee that visitors will be interested in your offer and do any actions. But What I Guarantee - Top Quality Traffics!
What niches are your list responsive to?
My List Prefect for :-
Health | Fitness | Weight Loss | MMO | Biz OPP | Internet Marketing
If you have any hesitation, please feel free to contact me. I'll be gladly to assists you.
What is T1 (ie. Top Tier) traffic?
T1, or “Top Tier Traffic” refers to traffic that receives from USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand. These countries have proven records of being the most responsive and have the most buying power.
How fast can you start your orders?
Depends on the demand, I usually start traffic within one business day.

Please note: I do not accept any “No Mobile“

Kindly PM me your offer link first before ordering so I can review and advise accordingly.

Providing an Opt-In Page lead you to collect potential buyer's email add as to create Long-Term Relationship and you can offer them other products in your Autoresponder in future.