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Selling top tier, double subscribed leads that convert affiliate offers with 15% over-delivery. Works with Biz Opp, IM, Crypto, Warrior+, Clickbank.
From Canada.
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Thanks for checking out my profile. I have been in the Internet Marketing business for 6 years, providing traffic, buying traffic and converting affiliate offers (mainly Warrior Plus, Clickbank and the larger programs). I was fortunate enough, early on, to be closely mentored by a multiple 7 figure affiliate marketer along the way who taught me the in's and out's of this business. I'm new to Udimi as a seller and as such I want to prove that I can deliver top quality traffic to your offers: - All my leads are "double subscribed" so right off the bat they are warm prospects. - Leads have all gone through a process where they are positioned for conversions. - Adding 500+ new leads per day to keep the lists fresh. - All leads are top tier, US, CA, UK, AU. - NO games, NO bots or any of the other tricks. Now, I want to build a strong base of testimonials here so this is what I propose. Try a small order with me and I will deliver on time, send you qualified leads and will over deliver the clicks by 15%. I will only send to opt-in pages, webinars and offers of that nature, not stand alone sales pages. If you need help with your opt-in page, funnel or offer let me know and I'll be happy to assist.