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My name is Simon from Scotland. I have been Internet Marketing now for Over 15 Years and Created Many Lists With Buer Traffic.
From United Kingdom.
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I am an experienced marketer, with 10 years experience of Internet Marketing, so I take pride in delivering a quality service at a great price. I can not Guarantee sales, but I can assure you that you will get opt ints to your offer. I have, The Best, buyer traffic waiting to see your offer. Once you buy from me Please check your Affiliate Link before you send them to me. Thank You. I Have Not Had Any Oders Yet, I may Be New New To This, But Please give Me A Chance To Show You, That My Traffic Is Just As Good As The Top Sellers ! Please Message Me If You Want More Information. Thank You :)
simon from scotl
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When you place an order with me. Please send me your affiliate link or Solo Advert.
I will send this to my list of buyer traffic. I will send you a link and you can track your stats.