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Internet Marketer for 10+ years but new to UDIMI. Selling all USA clicks from social media
From United States.
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Full time internet marketer for 10+ years. Numerous product launches & well known amongst top marketers. Now selling 100% USA clicks generated from Social Media. Not the same recycled email traffic, but all social media clicks. Sending up to 5K clicks/day. Message me for bulk orders! All clicks will be US only, no need to pay extra or upgrade anything. Message me if you have any questions :-)
Can you send me only US traffic?
No need to pay any additional fee for that - all my clicks will be US only!
What makes your social traffic special?
My audience is fresh & not the same recycled traffic you see from other email solo ad sellers.  My unique rate on even 10,000 click orders is very high.
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99% United States
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