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Top tier countries only. +10,000 email clicks/day available. "MMO, bizopp and work from home" only. I've been driving traffic successfully since 2009.
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About me
Can send up to 10,000 clicks of 100% clean and bot-free Top tier countries email traffic every day.

I'm working with some super large email traffic suppliers in the USA and therefor have an abundant amount of US traffic available at my fingertips.

==> MMO
==> Work from home
==> Crypto
==> Health (weight loss, diabetes, blood sugar...).

Important: If you need health clicks, please message me BEFORE ordering. Thanks.
Are your clicks from real users?
YES, of course. It wouldn't make sense to send BS bot traffic. In short terms: Yes, my traffic is legit and from real persons that look for ways to make money online.
Can you send USA only traffic?
YES. Most subscribers are from the US, CA, AU and the UK. I can set a filter to send you 100% USA only traffic if this is what you need.
How fast can your start the clicks?
Usually within 24 to 48 hours max.
Do you offer stats?
YES. I always send you a tracking link to check your stats.
Do you offer refunds in case I get no sales or "too" little optins?
NO. As I send you quality traffic that I cannot get back, there are strictly no refunds available. I send the traffic, you get the subs and hopefully sales. But everything depends on your offer and many other things, like your followup email sequence, for example.
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