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100% T1 Premium quality traffic~high opt-in convert to sales! 100% desktop available. Turbo speed! Vast experienced seller. MMO, Bizopp niche.
Manjuma Ferdous
268 / 5
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About me
I am a list builder, affiliate marketer and solo ad vendor.
I have been selling solo ad traffic since 2016.
The massive amount of my traffic are being sold on Udimi through many sellers in this marketplace. Almost all of them are in top seller list!

From now on, me myself is directly connected to Udimi! No more reseller dealing! You can get the best ever traffic directly from the owner.
If you have MMO/BizzOpp offers to promote, place your order to get your business at next level! You will get---

✔️100% guaranteed top tier traffic
✔️90% US clicks
✔️Buyers list included
✔️100% Desktop clicks available
✔️Only mobile clicks available

Hurry up! Why purchasing from 'channel' when you can have the 'Mother'?
Can I expect sales?
Yes as buyer list is included to my list there's high possibility of getting sales from my traffic. But sales are not Guaranteed.
Do you accept orders which require email verification?
I do, but you may get lower opt-in. So if you are okay with the opt-in rate you can place order.
Do you accept order with direct sale page?
Solo ad works better if you use a simple opt-in form at entrance. To get sales main task is proper follow up to convert subscribers to customers. I discourage using direct sale page.
Can you provide 100% desktop clicks?
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United States
United Kingdom
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Marlene Smith
Thank You Manjuma, You've been super fast and overdelivered . Will definitely use you again
Udimi stats: Delivered 136 out of 125 visitors (+9%)
18 Nov 2021
Got sales
Quick delivery and 9% extra clicks. Great job!
Udimi stats: Delivered 109 out of 100 visitors (+9%)
17 Nov 2021
N/A sales
Lee Holston
Traffic was top tier and was 10% above order. I did get a sale from the initial run. I'll have to see if other sales come in later. Many of the clicks were from mobile phones and that may have had something to do with the low opt-in/sales rate. I may try it again later.
Udimi stats: Delivered 165 out of 150 visitors (+10%)
17 Nov 2021
Got sales
Shane Thomas
Great communication and delivery
Udimi stats: Delivered 104 out of 100 visitors (+4%)
10 Nov 2021
No sales
Jeffrey Kuban
Thank you for you speedy delivery
Udimi stats: Delivered 239 out of 225 visitors (+6%)
31 Oct 2021
No sales
Eugene Wallace
Thanks very much
Udimi stats: Delivered 105 out of 100 visitors (+5%)
25 Oct 2021
N/A sales
Fast delivery, over-delivered and helped me build my list. Thank you!
Udimi stats: Delivered 271 out of 250 visitors (+8%)
26 Sep 2021
No sales
Good solo
Udimi stats: Delivered 108 out of 100 visitors (+8%)
25 Sep 2021
N/A sales
Good solo
Udimi stats: Delivered 109 out of 100 visitors (+9%)
25 Sep 2021
Got sales
Chip Hinde
Fast delivery, lots of optins, Great solo!
Udimi stats: Delivered 153 out of 150 visitors (+2%)
25 Sep 2021
N/A sales