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I source hot leads from strategic survey campaigns opt-in campaigns through paid ads on Facebook and Google.
From United States.
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About me and my offer
I focus on digital research full time. I set up and deploy strategic survey and lead gen campaigns using Facebook and Google paid ads. The leads are fresh and focused on the associated niche. Niche: Health and wellness / healthy living - ALL are in U.S. at this time. English speaking and mostly women. Source: I set up and market my own survey and opt-in sites through paid traffic on FB and Google. Most are opting in through their mobile device.
Is your list fresh?
I add 3000 to 10000 to this list per month from paid ad campaigns I set up and deploy. These are real people with real interests and wants and needs.
What is this list good for?
This list is comprised of unique opt-ins for health and wellness in general, mostly women and in healthy living niches, especially weight loss and diet-related niches.