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Norman Szobotka, Agent & Team Leader, Founder @ Realtors Vacuum. Contact me if you need anything in terms of data.
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I have a list of 5 million+ exclusive renters and homeowners (USA only) - acquired from advertising through social media for 7 years for real estate and credit repair businesses. If you have affiliate offers like solar, home improvement products, or generating leads for your local business clients - I can help. This list is not being passed around in the solo ad space, meaning you can get fresh eyeballs for your offers. Health and wealth-related offers as well as business opportunities are also welcome. Targeting available (USA only): household income, credit score, length of residence, renters/homeowner, married/single, gender, age, city, state, number of kids, language, active investment history, business owner, job title, and more. Let me know. -Norman
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