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High Quality T1. Fresh and Responsive List. Buyers are Included. 10% Over Delivery. MMO, Biz. Opp., IM
Lucija Glorija Jelen Krivonog
From Slovenia.
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About me and my offer
Hi everyone! My goal is to deliver the finest possible client service. I'm content if you're content. I am able to offer: - A minimum of 90% Tier 1 traffic to your order. - 10% overdelivery on each order; I only send genuine, one-of-a-kind clicks that are applied to your order. - My list works well with MMO, IM, MLM, and BIZOP-type offers. - I regularly add new subscribers—including buyers—to my list. - Quick Delivery - Sources of Traffic: Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Bing Ads, Native Advertising, and Media Buy. Please email me if you have any questions or need assistance. Together, we will be a great team! I wish you success. Lucija Glorija
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Q: What makes your email traffic something I should buy?
A: My traffic CONVERTS. I will assist you in developing an email list that generates sales and is responsive.
Q: What proportion of your list is Tier 1 (T1), and which countries make up that percentage?
A: Although 90% of my traffic comes from Tier 1 countries (US, CA, UK, NZ, AU), I also have the option to send traffic that is exclusively from the United States to an opt-in page of your choice. Please contact me for more information.
Q: How often do you add new subscribers, and how responsive is your list?
A: Every day, I add about 500 highly targeted subscribers. Every week, I acquire over 3,500 new leads that are interested in purchasing your products online.
Q: How many buyers do you have on your email list?
A: On my list, there are over 4,500 buyers.
Q: Do you provide discounts to returning customers?
A: Yes. I am willing to arrange a discount for your repeat orders, depending on the quantity and frequency of your orders.
Q: Do you count clicks that are unique or raw?
A: By just counting unique clicks, I can assure you that the precise number of visitors you have ordered will be delivered. That is, you pay for each visitor rather than per click. You will only be charged for a visitor's first click if they click the link twice or three times; subsequent clicks are free.
Q: Do I need to give my own ad copy, or will you provide it?
A: I will carefully analyze your opt-in and thank-you pages and write the best copy that will resonate with my list for you for free. Please write me with more information if you insist on using your own copy for any reason, and I'll take it into consideration.
Q: How can I change a link or ad text?
A: Take the following actions:
- Select the Orders section.
- Launch the solo you want to change.
- Navigate to the Info tab.
- Click the red button ‘Change link’ or ‘Change ad text’ at the bottom right (at the moment, the ad text can only be changed from the desktop version of the website).
- Modify the text and save it. If you have ad text, you will have to find all the links in the text and change them using the hyperlink button.
- Select the "Send Changes to Seller" button. You will see a notification window. The seller will receive a request to change the link, review it within 24 hours, and accept it.

*** Please be aware that the seller is not responsible for your problems with the link. If the mailing has already begun, you can go through the same procedure, but if your seller is unable to stop the mailing, the loss is completely on you.

For more information, look at the Udimi Help center:
Q: How will I be able to track my order?
A: I offer free tracking to all of my customers. Once your order is complete, you can relax knowing that I'll take care of everything and send you a detailed tracking report.
Q: How much traffic can you provide in a single order?
A: I provide packages ranging from 100 to 1,000 clicks.
Q: Do you accept traffic that is "Desktop Only"?
A: No. Today's email traffic is mobile, accounting for over 80%. On a few occasions, I would send 500 clicks to a link in hopes of receiving 75 "desktop only" clicks, but I was never successful.
Q: When will my order be processed?
A: Your order will be processed within 24 hours of being submitted through the Udimi dashboard, and it will be delivered within 3 days.
Q: Can you ensure sales and subscribers?
A: No, everything depends on what you offer. However, I will make sure your offer aligns nicely with my list before delivering and that your funnel is working before I start promoting your offer on my list.
Q: Did your previous client make any sales as a result of your traffic?
A: Yes, many of my clients used the same business opportunity as you to close deals. Still, pre-sell funnels are usually recommended because they produce better outcomes.