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New to Udimi with some fresh 90% & 100% T1 traffic and bonus clicks 10%+. New subs added daily, hungry for MMO BizOpp Clickbank Warrior Plus Jvzoo
From Malaysia.
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✓ Over 90% Premium T1 Traffic ✓ 500 fresh new subs Added Daily ✓ Traffic works great with Bizop, Make money online, Work from home ✓ Excellent support
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Do you guarantee sales?
No Solo Ads sellers will or can guarantee sales.  If you found one that says that, skip.  However, what I will promise is to deliver traffic of the best quality from real people.  This will increase your chances of closing sales with your well thought-out squeeze page and funnels.
What niches are good with your traffic?
Mainly Make Money Online, Internet Biz Opp, Crypto, and Work From Home.
What percentage of Tier 1 traffic will be delivered?
At least 90% from Tier 1 countries (US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand).  Most of the time it's higher than that.  I also deliver 100% T1 which you can see from the order page.
What is the optin rate of your traffic?
It can range from 20 to 68% depending on the effectiveness of your capture page.  Averagely, most of my clients fall in the middle of that range.
Why should I trust you since you are so new in Udimi?
I may be new in Udimi, but I have been selling outside of Udimi for some years, mainly serving commercial clients which you may have bought from ;>  On the other hand, I also have some regular fb clients who follow me over the years of serving them.  You can read some of their testimonials above.  Of course the best way is to test my traffic out yourself ;P
How soon will I receive my solo ads traffic?
Udimi imposes on sellers to start delivery within 24 hours.  However, I normally will start earlier than that as soon as I see your order when I'm back to my laptop which is pretty often when I'm not out.
Do I really need a capture page?
I strongly encourage you to have one before redirecting it to your sales/product page since you really don't want to forego backend sales which is where the money is.

This is also how you can start building up your own list.  When your list is big enough, you may just promote any products you desire without having to pay for solo ads.  If you have a huge list, you may start selling solo ads too.
Why would I pick a new comer over an Udimi veteran with proven track record?
A proven track record is great, but when there are too many promo emails of the same products sent to the same group of people over and over again, it may lead to consumer fatigue.  That's especially true when many people who promote the same products are ordering from the one very popular, track-record proven seller.

Imagine after you received an email and clicked into this product A page, and opted in, would you be opting in to the another product A page when you saw it again?  So just buying from one very popular Udimi seller may not necessarily be the smartest strategy in affiliate marketing.

Further more, I'm adding 500 fresh subscribers daily to my list to maintain the freshness of my traffic ;>