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Hey there & thanks for visiting. Here's the scoop of my offer
From Canada.
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About me and my offer
Hey there & thanks for visiting. Here's the coupling of my offer to you: * I have lists (300 + in size) in the Make Money Online/Biz Op, marketing & Crypto/Fiscal and Personal Development niches and verticals. * I add about 30 new subs daily from PPC ads, Solo Ads and Ad Swaps. * I send 99%+ US only traffic. * I segment my lists based on clicks. That means that if you order again only fresh eyes see your link. * I can guarantee sending you unique & quality email traffic to your link. * These days I get around 30% optin rates depending on the offer. Some times this will be more!
Make moneyonline
working fromhome
marketing online
what niche do you work with and serve to?
I have lists in Make Money Online/Biz Op, Health & Weightloss, Fiscal and Personal Development niches.
what your List size?
I have different lists ranging from 600 to over 1000 each.
I See you have lots of sales ratings .can you guarantee sales?
While I mail your offer link to my whole list including my buyers, No I CANNOT guarantee ANY sales. I guarantee that I will send you unique and quality traffic (99%+ T1) to your offer/link. If you can't accept this please don't order traffic from me.
I didn't have any sales Can I get a refund?
Sorry but no. You pay for traffic to your offer. You don't pay for guaranteed sales. So there is no refunds. Like you wouldn't get a refund from Google, Bing or Facebook because you didn't get any sales. The only exception to this is if your link wasn't working. Or I failed to deliver you the number of visitor