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Wesley Wells-Burr
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Testimonials from sellers for Wesley Wells-Burr
Desmond Akil Smith
Thank you for your support and your business!
Udimi stats: Received 187 out of 150 visitors (+25%)
11 Jul 2016
Kelvin Chan
Wesley, thank you for choosing me once again to serve you & your business :) I REALLY appreciate it and will be here to support your goals!
Udimi stats: Received 112 out of 100 visitors (+12%)
8 Jul 2016
Ajie Wibowo
Great buyer, thank you for your business!
Udimi stats: Received 220 out of 200 visitors (+10%)
19 Apr 2016
Liz Hall
Good buyer and easy to work with thanks
Udimi stats: Received 101 out of 100 visitors (+1%)
18 Mar 2016
Kelvin Chan
Wesley, tks for giving me the awesome privilege of serving you & your business :) GREATLY & HIGHLY appreciated my friend. Keep ROCKING!
Udimi stats: Received 111 out of 100 visitors (+11%)
17 Mar 2016
Jackson Sanders
Excellent Buyer. Thanks Wesley!!
Udimi stats: Received 58 out of 50 visitors (+16%)
15 Mar 2016