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I've been in internet marketing at as affiliate since August, 2021. In that time, I've successfully collected premium email lists.
From United States.
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I'm a data scientist by trade and experience. My affiliate marketing business began in August, 2021 when I joined the Partner with Anthony (PWA) organization created by Anthony Morrison. I am an Ambassador and affiliate of most Morrison Education products and offerings. In addition, I'm an affiliate of ClickFunnels, GetResponse, John Thornhill's organization, GVO and Pure Leverage as well as many others. Through this business, I've gained the technique to build premium email lists of persons interested in affiliate marketing. I'm developing lists in other key areas including Health and Wellness, Pet products, and DIY Woodworking.
Do you write the email copy or can I provide the email copy?
I will write the email copy unless you prefer to send me the copy you want included in the email I send to my list.
Do you guarantee the click count I purchase?
Yes, I will guarantee you will receive the purchased count of clicks.  With each solo list purchased, I send email to my list in a quantity known to produce the number of clicks purchased plus 5% more.  If you have reason to believe your purchased clicks were not provided, contact me with the order information to obtain the additional clicks or a refund equivalent to the percent of clicks not received.