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I am a retired Veteran of the United States Navy, living in the Denver metro. Building online businesses.
From United States.
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As Veteran of the United States Navy, I have be able to do what was important to me and those I love. In living the dash(the time between birth and death), I have been able to earn some top military honors, win several National Titles, sponsor one of the most successful "Cinderella Prom" give aways in the United States, receive TOP Sales honors from AT&T, assist in the development and rollout of the 4G network with Clearwire. As a U.S. Pageantry Public Relations Ambassador, I have traveled to over 73 countries for food and history. So, yes I LOVE to TRAVEL, but FOOD is definitely my 1st LOVE! Finally, moving to Denver, CO and working alongside on of the premier Chefs of decade, Ludo Lefebvre, Owner of Chez Maggie's and television celebrity for is cooking show "Rat in the Kitchen". I am humbled to have experienced such amazing events, but felt I wasn't doing all the things I wanted in the pursuit of my own happiness, so I decide to move in the direction of starting my own company after spending so much of my life building the dreams of other people. As a result, here I am developing an online business to securely solidify my own family's financial freedom. As it turns out, I am now officially doing what I really wanted to do when I started my catering company Archangel's and Bad Boy Boulevard, my online business. Its my primary goal to help open the doors and the flood gates to others before my dash ends. I want to show that regardless of what statistics says the projects due to a dark upbringing the true choice is that of each one of us. "Time is too slow for those that wait, too swift for those who fear, too long for those who grieve, to short for those who rejoice, for those who love time is eternity! "- Dick Van Dyke