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Hey Friend, I get you the most delivering traffic of my subscribers and buyers list.
>High Quality
>100% T1 Traffic
>High Intent Traffic - Optins & Sales
>MMO Niche
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What can I expect from your Traffic?
My Traffic is 100% Tier 1 Countries (USA, Canada, UK, New Zealand, Australia). High Proven Quality and Intended Traffic of Optin as well as Buying.
How many clicks can you send in a day?
I send about 500-1000 each day and can add 500 to 1200 new subscribers in a day after removing unresponsive leads to make the high-quality list.
How fast can you start after I place an order?
I can start within 24-36 hours if schedule is not tight.
What niche or type of offers converts well with your traffic?
Niche - MMO
Make Money Online Products, BizOpp offers, Affiliate offers (MMO)
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