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I have over 7 years in the field. I have only direct mobile traffic from USA. All traffic is sent via SMS ( the best marketing way existing so far).
Dan Burcut
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About me
Thank you for considering my services!

PRICE TO BUILD REPUTATION! It will not last too long.

1st thing you will need to know is that I ONLY have USA traffic.
If you do not know what to target just let me know and I will help you identify.

The second thing you need to know is that I ONLY have MOBILE traffic.
I use SMS marketing to generate the clicks. My clicks are as genuine as they can get, there is no bot or any other crazy staff here.

My traffic is good for virtually anything, but keep in mind that in this business, once you have someone eyes on your products/services , it is down to what they see to decide to buy it or not.

I always overdeliver by 10 to 20% minimum.
I have a list of over 5 mil up to date, valid, internet using phone numbers and it is growing as I write.
Let's start getting some clicks for you !
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