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A seller who is willing to go above and beyond to win your business. PM me and we will strike a deal. Satisfaction guaranteed.
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Are you promoting affiliate offers, business opportunities, sales funnels but can't get the results you want? Try this email traffic and you will be amazed! If you're looking for high quality email traffic for your offers, here's what you can count on: ● 24-hour delivery - I promise to deliver your order within 24 hours of receiving it. ● 25% Optin Rate Guarantee - I won't accept your offer if I believe my email traffic won't convert it. But if it does, I guarantee to deliver an opt-in rate of at least 25% or higher. I'll keep sending traffic for free until your order has at least 25% opt in rate. ● 90% top tier - A steady stream of top-tier visitors from the United States, Canada, Great Britain, Australia, New Zealand can be anticipated. These people are willing to buy. ● 100% USA traffic - available for an additional price ● Free Traffic Filter included - I'm using cutting-edge traffic filtering to weed out all types of fake traffic, you are paying for real clicks only. If any bad clicks manage to get through, I'll resend them at no charge. You will also receive a detailed filter report once your traffic has been delivered. ● FIRST TIME CUSTOMER DISCOUNT - If you are a first-time visitor, I am happy to offer you a 10% discount on your first order to win your business. ● FIRST TIME CUSTOMER BONUS - if this is your first order, on top of the 10% discount, I will also add a bonus and will send you more email clicks than you paid for. You can easily expect 10% more traffic than you ordered.
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