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Doing business with me it means you will get nurture and trusted quality "BOT FREE" real human traffic to your offer every time for every person
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Can I expect sales with your traffic?
Simply because there no way of knowing how a sub will react to your offer or if they are in a buyer mode I can not guarantee sales however you can expect them with the traffic you receive with me
I am just starting off with Solo Ads What do I need to do to receive the best experience from you?
Well I can sent traffic to most offers. However, to have the best experience you should have any traffic you get go to an opt in or capture page  where the information that is being capture is going to an email service provider. You also should have in place a great email follow up series so you can follow up and communicate with your potential customers. Having solo ad traffic going directly to a sale page in not recommended. Solo ad traffic is also known as email traffic so why would you participate in getting solo ad traffic if you can't sent out emails.
If I buy from you how would I know that your traffic will convert into leads and sales?
Here Is What We Have To Do To Guarantee The Traffic Converts Into Leads And Sales 
1: Send Traffic To An Optin Page
With Solo Ad Traffic; it is vital to send all your traffic to an optin page. The whole point of solo ad traffic is generating good quality leads. The Optin Page has to be simple for best results. 
2: Prospects Viewing Your offer
Once you have generated the lead, it is then a good idea to send your prospects to whatever it is you promised them.
3: Email Follow-Up Campaign
Very important is having a great email follow-up campaign in place to sell your product/service.Most people never buy anything on the first visit which is why it was essential to capture the lead in the first place.
If you get the top 3 right; then it is only a matter of time before your prospects turn into customers. Remember; each prospect's journey will be exclusive, so having a good email follow-up in place is key before generating leads.

5 Track Everything
I will give you a FREE tracking analytics on visitors