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NICHES: Biz Opp, Make Money Online 90%+ Tier 1 Guaranteed = US / UK / CA / AU / NZ Up to 15% Over Delivery.
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About me and my offer
If you're in search of premium email traffic for your affiliate promotions, look no further. If my traffic aligns with your offer, here's what you can anticipate: ● 90% top-tier clicks - anticipate a consistent stream of high-quality visitors from the United States, Great Britain, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. These individuals possess a buyer mentality and the means to make purchases, in addition to being English speakers. **For an extra fee, 100% top-tier or 100% USA traffic is available. ● 24-hour delivery - I pledge to provide your order within 24 hours of submission, as swift transactions appeal to money! ● Complimentary Traffic Filter - I employ advanced traffic filtering techniques to eliminate bots, fakes, injections, and other counterfeit traffic, ensuring you only pay for genuine clicks. If any false clicks slip past, I'll resend the missing clicks at no charge. You will receive a comprehensive filter report upon traffic delivery. ● 25% Opt-in Rate Guarantee - I have a keen eye for high-converting offers. If I believe your offer won't convert with my email traffic, I won't accept it. However, if it's a match, I guarantee a minimum of 25% opt-in rate or higher. If I don't meet this threshold, I will continue sending traffic for free until you've obtained at least 25% worth of opt-ins from your order. ● FIRST-TIME CUSTOMER DISCOUNT - As a first-time customer, I'm eager to establish a long-term relationship, so I'll overdeliver on your order by sending more email clicks than you paid for. Expect a minimum of 10% additional traffic on your order. For example, if you ordered 200 clicks, you'll receive 220, and if you ordered 500, you'll get 550, etc. It's like putting money back into your wallet, only better, because I'm expanding your business for you at no extra cost.
When will my order start?
If your offer aligns well with my list, I will ensure your order is delivered in 24 hours or less. Remember, money appreciates swiftness ;)
How is my order tracked?
As my valued client, you'll receive complimentary tracking services. Relax and let me handle everything, providing you with a comprehensive tracking report upon order completion.
Is there an option for clicks exclusively from the USA?
Indeed. Although my standard traffic consists of 90% tier 1 countries, I also maintain a segment of purely USA traffic. Feel free to contact me privately for more information.
Do you measure raw or unique clicks?
I promise to deliver the specified number of visitors you order by counting only unique clicks. Essentially, you pay per visitor rather than per click.
Can I expect sales?
Regrettably, sales cannot be guaranteed.
Are there discounts for returning customers?
Certainly. I am willing to negotiate discounts for repeat orders based on the volume and frequency of your purchases.
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