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Expert Email Marketer with an exceptionally diverse and engaged subscriber base. Specializing in 100% US-based subscribers. 10% OD. Give it a try!
From Pakistan.
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Engaged in the dynamic domains of Pets, Health, Finance, and Crypto, I am dedicated to growing my expertise in solo ads with a subscriber base focused solely in the USA. In just 1.5 months, I've successfully built a robust list of 10k subscribers, continuously expanding at a rate of 100-300 new subscribers daily. Rest assured, I prioritize the guaranteed delivery of your content, leaving the rest to your unique offerings and messaging. While I cannot assure sales, your success largely depends on your product or service. I encourage you to test my service with a trial batch of 100 subscribers to witness the quality firsthand. I acknowledge my current status as a newcomer, and thus, my rates are set competitively, ensuring affordability without compromising the quality of my subscribers. Feel free to reach out and take the first step toward leveraging my growing network for your business needs.