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My name is Jackee. Marketing Specialist on line for 11 years. Provide customer service and will get you the best deals on Laser Targeted Leads.
From United States.
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My name is Jacqueline Garrison. I am a Professional Marketing Specialist who have practiced working on line for more than 10 years. Helping people with their debt and saving them money yearly has brought me increased joy. Now with the experience of knowing how to get quality leads I can also help someone to have a good day. There are way to many scam artists out there. I will deliver the best product I can and I will be fair. Most likely I will over deliver because I want everyone to make a sale.
How many leads can I buy?
I can provide 8,000 in 24-48hrs.
Can I order 2,000 leads on line?
yes, you can order up to 8,000 a day.