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Hi I am Elena. I am a Digital Marketer since 2000, my traffic is specific in Europe with a big segment taxonomy if needs.
From Greece.
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Hi I am Elena. I am a Digital marketer since 2002 I'm new in Udimi as Buyer and Solo Ads Seller although as I' doing this work many years with traffic from different segments taxonomy interest and status. My traffic is mainly in Europe being over 82%. However I can segment to other GEOS/Countries as well if needed. I can mail to my whole list including my buyers so you get more chances to convert ASAP. If you have any questions please feel free to ask either before, during or after your solo ad. Thanks for your interests Elena
How long will my solo ad take to be delivered?
It depends on the volume of clicks ordered. I usually send any volume up to 500 clicks within 24 hours from starting a solo ad.
When will my solo ad start?
I can start a solo ad within a few hours from ordering unless the order is placed at off hours for me (I am in GMT/UTC timezone).
Can you guarantee sales with my solo ad?
I believe that you need an honest answer and not fake promises,  The answer is NO. As you don't expect Facebook or Google to guarantee sales when running ads in their platforms, I can guarantee that I will send your solo ad to my lists that include buyers. If your offer is good and your funnel is working with no tech issues, you will get conversions and/or sales!