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✔ Generated Sales ✔ Free aftersales services ✔ Premium Email Traffic ✔ Converts well with BIZ OPP, IM, MLM, CPA, and Binary offers ✔ Reliable Powerseller with 24/7 support and a proven sales track record ✔ Your offer will be sent to the exact same LIS
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Do you include buyers when sending for solo ads?
Is SoloAds worth it?
Yes, and to prevent getting scammed do note that great traffic isn't cheap and I want to deliver the best buyer-driven traffic possible to my solo ad clients. To be able to do that, I currently add between 750-3,000 new leads to my list on a daily basis from outside traffic sources (not solo ads).

As you may also know, for every single order, Udimi takes a 10% service fee, 5% payment processor fee, 15% commission to the affiliate who referred the client, and another 2% on withdrawal fees. So in reality, if I sell at 70c/click, my take-home pay is only around 50c/click.

Bottom line is if I want to be able to provide FRESH leads that convert into sales for my buyers, I need to constantly maintain the quality of my email list to a higher standard.
Do you resell clicks from other solo ad vendors?
No. We only send your ad to our own email lists. No resold traffic from unproven traffic providers will ever get to your website.
How fast can you deliver the traffic?
All orders of 1,000 clicks or less are delivered within 48 hours max. However, in rare cases, it may take a bit longer depending on the number of customers we have to deliver to at the time.
If I don't make my money back, can I get a refund?
Unfortunately, no. Our job is to make sure that we deliver highly-targeted human traffic to your website. It is then your sales funnel's job to convert those visitors into paying customers.
Can you use my exact swipe?
Yes, you can add your email swipe upon placing your order. However, depending on the wording, please be advised that we may tweak your swipe to fit our audience.
How many subscribers do you have on your list?
At the time of this writing, my Aweber list has 551,827 email subscribers.
Where do you get your leads from?
I use several traffic sources to acquire leads. The main ones are Google Adwords, Bing Ads CPA Networks and Email Drops.

From time to time, I also get traffic from Facebook Ads although, as we all know, it's tough to run a "make money online" ad on Facebook so I don't use it as my main lead source for my Internet Marketing list.
How many fresh leads do you get on a daily basis?
The average is around 1,200 leads per day or 36,000 leads per month.
Can you guarantee a certain opt in rate or sales?
The simple answer is no. My job is to deliver quality and real human-based traffic to any site of your choosing, but it's your full responsibility to make sure that your pages and tracking works, and that your funnel is able to convert the traffic into paying customers.