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Upgrade your account to Prime and you can gain access to a whole range of extra features. You’ll also be helping to ensure the future of Udimi, as all Prime fees go to support the platform.

Here’s 10 great reasons to sign up to Prime now (check out 2 & 5 if you’re into free stuff!):

1. Advanced click filtering

We offer a great click filter for all Udimi users out-of-the-box. Our filter is an innovative and bespoke solution which is based on 12-years of experience in this industry and analysis of millions of data points.

With Prime Membership, you will get advanced filtering on all your solos on top of base filtering. Our upgraded click filter uses advanced technologies to remove more useless visits and save you even more money.

2. Double your Affiliate earnings

The Udimi Affiliate Program pays 15% for every order referred through you - but that goes up to 25% for any all Prime subscriptions. If you are Prime yourself, we will double this payment to 50%.

This means only two Prime members are needed to pay for your own Prime account! Be sure to get Prime as early as possible to guarantee that all your referrals bring you 50%. Previous payments from referrals won’t upgrade to 50%.

3. Profile badge

Probably the most important feature of the whole bunch. You’ll get more respect and admiration from other members with the crown icon next to your name on every page!

4. Optin tracking feature upgrade

No limits apply if you have Prime status, you can add as many sites as you need and track all traffic.

5. Discounts and freebies

Prime members are twice as likely to win a discount when posting a rating.

In addition, if you’re a Prime member, any discounts you have won will automatically be applied to your next purchase - you don’t have to remember to manually add them.

Similarly, if a seller has a freebie available with their order (e.g. ad text writing service or free landing page on $xx+ orders) the system will add it automatically if you met the criteria.

6. Access to our Email Validator

You spend a lot of time building the perfect email campaign. Don’t send it to a list that hasn’t been verified. Set up your campaign for success. Improve campaign performance, deliverability, engagement and ROI.

List Checker ensures you only send email to real users and helps you separate the low-quality addresses from high-value contacts.

Quickly verify your email data to gain insight into the quality and deliverability for each contact. Improve campaign performance, drive segmentation decisions, and maintain high deliverability.

7. Profile View Stats
* this feature is useful only for sellers! 

Looking for a way to increase your sales on Udimi? This tool will help you a lot.

See exactly who visited your profile, how they found you and how many times they visited. This will help you understand how to improve your profile on Udimi to get more sales and convert more visitors to paying buyers.

8. Historical data

With our standard accounts, detailed historical data only remains available for a couple of months, after that only the overview is available.

With Prime status you retain access to all data over the lifetime of your account, down to the individual clicks.

9. Enhanced support

As Prime member, you will get a dedicated support assistant, fast tracking of your support tickets and shorter resolution times.

Plus you’ll be able to see when your manager is online to start a quick conversation.

We also have a private telegram chat for Prime members where they can compare notes and also ask direct questions to our support staff.

10. New features

We’re constantly improving Udimi with new features and functionality, and as a thank-you to the support we receive from our Prime users, you’ll get early-bird access to new features a whole month before standard users.

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