Sell solo ads

If you have top notch traffic, we can accept you as one of our traffic suppliers. It is easy, comfortable and very profitable to sell your traffic to Udimi customers.

As a bonus, our army of affiliates will promote your offers on Udimi without any effort on your part. Read more: Udimi affiliate program.

We make everything possible to keep the highest quality standard on Udimi, so we took reasonable measures to protect our members from fraud and to keep the community friendly and safe. You should know about them before investing your time.

1. Every new seller has to pass identity check, verify own name and phone number.

2. We hold your first payment until we receive feedback from your different, real buyers.

3. Plus, all seller traffic goes through a custom Udimi filtering system that has been developed over the 15+ years we’ve been on the market. We do not accept any proof from 3rd party counters, as they are easily manipulated.

4. We heavily rely on ratings and comments from our buyers, so if any doubts arise, especially on new accounts, we will investigate.

For honest sellers above four points is not a problem, so if you are one of them, welcome to Udimi. It is free to start selling after you’ve completed the verification. Just add information about yourself and your offer and you’ll appear in our search area. To kickstart your profile and instantly get your first sales, you can purchase promoted status or post a solo deal on our special page.

Detailed step-by-step tutorial is here: how to sell on Udimi