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100% T1 traffic that converts with hungry buyers included! Fast delivery! Traffic Perfect for BizOp, Crypto, MMO, IM, CPA. Fresh leads added every day
From Sweden.
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I'm now opening up the doors to the hottest and freshest leads you will ever need! For a limited time I will make it available for Udimi Buyers - So grab it while you can! HERE IS WHAT YOU SHOULD EXPECT IF WORKING WITH ME: - Fast Delivery - 100% Tier 1 Buyer Traffic so you get the most responsive and converting leads - Over-delivery - 5 star Customer Service - Endorsed By 6 & 7 Figure Marketers - Updated lists (daily)! 500-1000 new fresh leads added every day and unresponsive leads removed. - Traffic Perfect for MLM, BizOp, Crypto, Make Money Online (MMO), Affiliate Marketing **Extra Bonuses** I will try and help you as much as I possibly can. So I always do an honest review of your landing page, offer and funnel. That will help you increase your opt-ins and sales...AND I will advise on how to engage with your new subscribers and customers. **Come and test my traffic and let me start filling your website and funnels with your dream customers!**
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Which Countries Are Your Traffic Coming From?
Tier 1 Only: USA, Canada, UK, Australia and New Zealand. 
I don't have Tier 2 and Tier 3 countries as in my experience sales conversions and opt-ins are much lower than from Tier 1 Traffic.
How Many Subscribers Do You Add A Day?
I add 500 - 1000 new subscribers every day and I groom my list daily so that all unresponsive leads gets removed. That way I have and remain a highly responsive list.
Do You Send The Email Swipes Or Do I Have To Write My Own?
My preference is to write them for you as I understand my list, however, I will send an email you are happy with. I also work with my clients before sending traffic to ensure that they are happy and ready for the traffic to go to their offers.
Where Do You Get Your Leads From?
I get my leads from my own media buys so they are not typical leads that are spammed every single day.
I'm Ready To Buy. What do You Need From Me?
I just need a URL and you can send me your email swipe if you wish. I will be happy to review your URL and/or swipe and provide you with advice if required.
What Type Of Offers Convert Well With Your Traffic?
My list loves everything about making money online. So all the offers in MMO (Make Money Online), BizOp, Internet Marketing, Affiliate Marketing and Crypto are working very well.
Anything Else I Need To Know?
I will contact you after the traffic run is over to see how it went. I will be there for you and continue to offer my help. I will also ask you for a testimonial.
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98% United States
2% all the rest
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