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Travis Morgan
From United States.
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You've found your one-stop shop for an endless supply of Business Opportunity, Health and Personal Development subscribers who are ready and hungry for your offer. For Health or Personal development, select T1 Only. As a new seller, I'm coming in at rock bottom prices (get 20% off here: for a chance at earning great reviews, building trust and establishing a solid reputation. Feel free to reach out with any questions or custom requests. Let's work together to expand your list and grow your revenue! ✅ >> 95%+ T1 Traffic by default ✅ >> 10% OD ✅ >> HOT buyer leads on every order ✅ >> Default: MMO / Biz Opp / Work From Home etc. ✅ >> Select T1 Only for Health or Personal Development ✅ >> Over a Decade in Online Marketing - List Building, Product Creation and Sales Copy ✅ >> New Subscribers Added Every Day
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Self Improvement
What's your average opt-in rate?
Aside from this depending hugely on your squeeze page, a good to excellent squeeze page will usually achieve between 15% to 50%, give or take. My customers generally experience around a 30% opt-in rate or higher.
Will I get sales with your traffic?
It's possible to receive sales during your campaign, but you will find that a vast majority of your sales success will come from the follow-up systems you have set in place.
Do you promote direct-link offers?
While I will never deny a direct-link offer, I strongly advise against direct-linking offers. Why waste the traffic? Think about it this way: Why spend $40 to get 100 clicks and lose them forever, when you could spend $40 to get 100 clicks, and be able to reach 20 to 50 new people anytime you want? If you're building a business, this makes more sense.
Why is my opt-in rate low?
This could come down to any number of factors. The visitors who click vary from day to day. What they want, their emotional state, are they in a fight with their spouse? I'm being somewhat playful here. In reality though, the biggest factors to consider are:

1. Page load speed. This will HUGELY impact your opt-in rate. If you're not running with a solid host or a fast page builder, I'd strongly urge you to look into upgrading your setup. Feel free to reach out for suggestions.

2. Your squeeze page. Have a solid headline, strong call to action, and a clean page. If your page looks like it was built by Jeff Bezos in during the Dot-Com boom, you're going to have a bad time. I will happily provide feedback on your page if you reach out!

3. Every traffic seller has a different system in place. Some are simply better at what they do than others. But it doesn't make their competitors any less legitimate. It's healthy to build your list from a variety of sources, regardless of the opt-in rate.
Where does your traffic come from?
I source my traffic primarily from media buys/paid traffic and other solo ads. I don't enjoy spending time getting traffic for free, and enjoy the thrill of buying traffic and optimizing fast. It's also the fastest way to build a list. Unless you've got access to a huge influencer following!
Will you help me with XYZ?
My message inbox is always open. Reach out if you need any input or guidance on your setup and I'll always do my best to help out.
Can I change my link mid-campaign?
If you need to change/update your link before or during the campaign run, that can be done by following the instructions on this page:
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99% United States
1% all the rest
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