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"That list did very well ... opt-in rate was very high compared to the one I ran to the same link last month."

Min 90% T1, NEW SUBSCRIBERS ADDED !! High satisfaction from clients so far. Order now! .. before price increasing soon !!
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About me and my offer
PREMIUM QUALITY TRAFFIC - High Converting and Targeted Traffic Available My list is built from sustainable sources, these leads are Highly Active and Action Taking, ready to buy your programs and products online. Works well with - Affiliate Offers, Business Opportunity and Make Money Online. + 99% T1 Traffic (USA/UK/CA/AU/NZ) + Responsive list with fresh subscribers added daily + Fast delivery within 48 to 72 hours (but a lot of times is earlier than that) + FREE funnel / Opt-in / Landing Page review (reach out to me and I will assist you) + 1000 to 3000 clicks available I have one goal in mind that comes with any traffic package you purchase from me. My goal is to get you leads and sales. Book your solo ads with confidence NOW! If you need any help or queries, inbox me and I will be glad to assist you the best way I can.
What is Solo Ads?
Solo ads is a form of email marketing where we pay the owner of an email list to advertise your business offer. As this is solo ads, it means only your offer is been advertised in that email.
Can you guarantee opt-in?
No. However, with our list, there is a high probability you will get great opt-in rate or even sales.
Do you guarantee sales?
Again, it is a no. I would suggest that you start with 1,000 clicks or 2,000 clicks, especially if you are selling products in the back-end. This way, you will know whether your offer is converting well or not.
What is the capacity of clicks you run?
I can run up to 3,000 clicks a day or up to 100,000 clicks per month.
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74% United States
11% Canada
9% United Kingdom
3% Australia
1% New Zealand
2% all the rest
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