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Nick's Clicks is back! These leads are HUNGRY. My traffic is built outside of the traditional Solo Ad methods, more quality, more conversions!
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What kind of traffic do I have? 100% T1 countries (This list is INSANELY responsive, they even email me their life story...) 100% USA Traffic Available (These people have bought things before, meaning they have credit cards!) Just a few of the things I offer my clients that they rarely take me up on: Complete Funnel Review Funnel Optimization Strategy Follow-Up Sequence Review Seven cold, hard truths about Solo Ads that your product creators may not tell you: - The purpose of a solo ad is to build your list, not make sales. - Can you make sales? Of course. Do my clients get sales? Absolutely. Does that mean you will? NO. - You can't compare your offer to someone else's and expect the same results. - You must ensure your opt-in page is congruent with your offer, or people feel misled. - Cheap clicks DO NOT mean more chances for sales because you get more clicks. - A unique (not crappy) follow-up sequence is necessary to build rapport and conversions. - Does one sub on a list really equal $1 per month? If your list, emails, and offers don't suck. Disclaimer: Past profits are not indicative of future results. Results vary. Your offer may not get the same results as other people's offers. You are making an investment into building your list; sales made during a solo ad run are a blessing, not a guarantee. I have been a customer of Udimi for four years; I have been a solo ad vendor through social media and referrals since 2014. I recently decided to give Udimi a try to reach new customers with different offers.