Solo ads $0.40 per click Mark McLeod: TIRED OF WEAK TRAFFIC? MINE IS ON FIRE! - AT LEAST 25% OPT-IN GUARANTEED!!!


Tired of weak traffic and low opt-in rate? NOT HERE! 150k list with a 25% opt-in rate guaranteed! 10-15% OD!

Mark McLeod
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Mark McLeod
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If you have questions or need help in anyway please ask I am here help. I can review your funnel for you. Opt-in page, Landing page, your promotion. No question is stupid, but not asking might I want you to be successful! Add .10 cents if you want Health and Fitness- Weight Loss, Personal Self Development, or Crypto. Message me before you order so we can make this happen. Thank you! "Fresh High-Quality Traffic From a Targeted Large Email List That's Perfect For IM/MMO/BIZ OPP/HF/WL/PSD/Crypto Offers" Superior-Quality Solo Ads Traffic from 100-2,000 Clicks - Five Star email traffic is from USA, UK, GB, CAN., AUST., NZ. Packages that fit any budget. 100% Tier 1 - Delivery starts within 24 hours of receiving the order, usually sooner and FAST delivery! Trying to promote affiliate offers, business opportunities, done for you sales funnels but can't seem to get conversions? Try this email traffic and be blown away by results! If you had low quality email traffic for your affiliate offers, you've come to the right place. If your offer is a good fit for my High Quality Traffic, here's what you can expect: ● 25% Opt-in Guaranteed. I will review your promotion and if it's a good fit for my traffic I will accept your promotion and you have my guarantee! ● 100% Tier1 - you can expect a steady flow of top tier visitors from the United States, Great Britain, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. These people have the buyer mindset and ability to spend. Plus, they speak English. ● 24-hour delivery - I am committed to start delivering for you within 24 hours of you submitting your order. Money loves speed! ● Traffic Filter included For Free - I'm using sophisticated traffic filtering to weed out bots, fakes, injections and other types of fake traffic, so you're only paying for real clicks. If any fake clicks slip through the cracks, I will resend the missing clicks for free. You only pay for real clicks or don't pay at all. You will get a complete filter report when your traffic is delivered. ● OVER DELIVERY CLICK-BONUS - I will also overdeliver on your order, sending you more email clicks than you paid for. You can expect at least 10%-15% more traffic than you ordered. So if you ordered 200 clicks, expect 220-230, and if you ordered 500, expect 550-575 and so on. Have a question? Want to submit your offer for review? Have a special request (start date, top tier percentages, email swipe, etc)? [email protected]
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What is a solo ad?
Solo ads are email-based advertisements that are sent to a seller's email list on behalf of the buyer.
What are the benefits of buying a solo ad?
Solo ads can quickly drive targeted traffic to your offer, often resulting in leads and sales.
How does buying a solo ad work?
Select the desired click count, provide your link, and complete the payment process. The seller will send your advertising to their email list.
How long will it take for my solo ad to be delivered?
The seller will deliver your order within 100 hours or less.
How can I track the results of my solo ad?
Udimi tracks and filters your clicks automatically. You don't have to use any external tracking.
When will my order start?
If your offer is a good fit with my list, I will start delivering your order within 24 hours or less.
How will my order be tracked?
As a my valued customer, you get free tracking done for you. You can relax while I set everything up for you, and provide you with a full tracking report when your order is complete.
Do you count raw clicks or unique clicks?
I guarantee delivery of the dedicated number of visitors you order, by only counting unique clicks. In other words, you pay per visitor - not per click.
Do you offer USA only clicks?
Yes. While my standard traffic is 90% tier 1, I also hold a section of pure USA traffic. Email me for more details.
Do you offer USA only clicks?
Yes. While my standard traffic is 90% tier 1, I also hold a section of pure USA traffic. Email me for more details.
How can I track opt-in rate?
As the owner of your capture page, you are the one tracking your opt-in rate. You will be able to access it on your end if you are building your own list, or with the product provider.
How much of your traffic is mobile?
I have different list segments, with both mobile and desktop traffic available. If you’re specifically interested in one or the other,  email me.
Will I get sales?
While no one can guarantee sales, I can guarantee access to a fresh, high-quality source of leads that is well known for the sales it scored with previous traffic campaigns.
How much traffic can you deliver in one order?
I offer packages of up to 2,000 clicks, but if your offer is a good fit, I am willing and capable of delivering well beyond that. If you are looking to place a large order email me for details.
Do you offer discounts for repeat customers?
Yes. I am open to discussing a discount for your repeat orders, depending on the quantity and frequency of your orders.
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99% United States
1% all the rest
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Akimat Sloutions
Akimat Sloutions
3 Mar 2024
Its refreshing to work with someone who not only meets expectations but goes the extra mile. Mark Excellent service and clear communication was very valuable. Mark provided quality traffic and real visitors. Mark dedication is a testament to the platforms effectiveness. Heres to more successful campaigns and thriving businesses!
Udimi stats: Delivered 115 out of 100 visitors (+15%)