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SEE ALL THE FILTERING OPTIONS IN THE IMAGES ... You may know your ideal client best and we have you covered! With over 150,000,000, we are convinced we have the largest B2C optin Database on the planet. We have categorized and labeled each one by 750 options you get to choose from. You get to control what type of people get sent to your promotion. Customize it any way you want. Send mail to people who actually fit the persona your offers were created for. You don't have to trust our list you can design it yourself. This is what makes our service so especially unique. Our contact list is double opted in, cleaned, and updated every month. Each contact is tagged by 750 defining factors about them, so finding the buyers in-the-market for your product now is easier, and attracting those ready to buy your offer will skyrocket your ROI. Design it Yourself! Choose from our list of 750 filtering options to dial in your traffic - choose your targeting options and bring optimized traffic your offer is relevant to. Some niches such as Music Promotion, Car Sales, Lawyers, Dentists, Plumbers, Non Profits, Affiliate Marketing, Illness Related, Income Related, Auto Related, Mortgage Related, do extremely well with this service. SEE ALL THE FILTERING OPTIONS IN THE IMAGES NOTE: To ensure the best results from our solo ad service, we require all clients to utilize a squeeze/leads-capture/email opt-in page. If an order includes a direct link to an offer without an opt-in page, it will not be accepted. ** Rest assured, we stand by our promise and deliver the best possible exposure to generate revenue. *** Your Success is ultimately our success. We can almost guarantee conversion rates or sales based on our history of successful campaigns repeatedly. It would not be ethical as we cannot predict how your campaign will be individually. Our case studies are real and speak for themselves. With over 250 Case studies believe our subscribers are proven buyers who purchase and convert regularly, but it's important to remember that results can vary. Success for one doesn't guarantee the same level of success for another. Born and raised in South Florida, USA, trying to stay impossibly retired. I say impossibly as my passions won't allow such a silly idea to become reality. So here I am, with my A-Team having spent nearly two decades navigating the complexities of lead gen and digital marketing, I've ridden the waves of exhilaration, faced the obstacles, and, yes, even encountered moments of frustration. But these experiences have been invaluable. From the hard lessons that took a toll on my peace of mind and my bank account to the triumphs that validated my persistence, every step of the journey has fortified my understanding of this dynamic industry. The outcome? A lead generation and ROI building service doesn't merely follow industry trends, but sets them, shaped by years of direct experience and an understanding of businesses like yours. We offer business-altering, life-changing experiences. Because, at the heart of it, isn't that the transformation we're all seeking? Skepticism is healthy. How current are these contacts? Are they genuinely engaged? Will they trust an ad that hits their inbox? We've gone the extra mile to address these concerns. We are more than just an ad or lead gen service. We build relationships, guided by transparency, open communication, accountability for outcomes, and a desire for mutual benefit. These principles aren't just lofty ideals; they're the cornerstones of our work. We believe that any transaction should offer tangible benefits to both parties. In adhering to these values, we ensure that the leads we generate are not just numbers on a screen, but engaged, trusting individuals who can bring real growth to your business. This isn't just about ads leads and traffic; it's about forging connections that spark growth and change. I invite you to grow your ROI with in market traffic you control.
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What makes your service different from others?
Our service isn't just about outreach. We focus on building and nurturing relationships using our exceptional database of 150 million verified buyers. We uniquely segment these buyers into 750 distinct data points, allowing us to precisely target potential customers that best suit your offer.
How do you ensure the contacts in your database are current and engaged?
We consistently update our database twice a month, ensuring the contact information is current. Over the years, we've built a level of trust that encourages engagement and interaction whenever an ad from our campaign lands in their inbox.
What does 'well-targeted' mean in your context?
'Well-targeted' means that the audience receiving your offer has been carefully selected based on detailed profiling and segmentation. This ensures that your message reaches those most likely to be interested in and act on your offer.
How do you craft the ads in your campaigns?
We understand that communication and transparency are key. Our professional team of copywriters and marketers craft personalized, compelling content that speaks directly to the customer's needs and interests, building trust and encouraging engagement.
How do you manage the delivery and tracking of your campaigns?
We utilize advanced marketing technologies and tools (some developed by our engineers in-house) for the delivery and tracking of our campaigns. This allows us to monitor open rates, click-through rates, and overall engagement levels, refining our strategies as necessary to optimize campaign performance.
How can your service benefit my business specifically?
Our service is not just about increasing numbers - it's about delivering quality leads that convert. By understanding your business and targeting the right audience, we help drive meaningful engagement that leads to tangible business results - increased sales, customer loyalty, and growth.
How do you handle concerns around advertising and marketing regulations?
We understand the importance of compliance in this business, especially when it comes to regulations like GDPR and CAN-SPAM. We ensure all our marketing practices adhere strictly to current regulations. We respect personal data and believe in permission-based marketing.
How can I measure the success of your service?
We have comprehensive reporting and tracking available should any disputes arise, providing a clear insight into how your campaign performed. We are able to measure success through key metrics like open rate, click-through rate, conversions, and more. Ultimately the idea is to add to your bottom line and fuel or spark the growth of your business.
What commitment do I have to make when using your services?
Have an exceptionally good offer or we may refund as we reserve the right to refuse. However, we believe in flexibility and providing a service that best suits your needs. Whether you're looking for a one-time campaign or a long-term partnership, we're committed to helping you achieve your business goals. Please provide clear and concise descriptions and communication so we can meet your specific needs and expectations.
Can you handle the needs of my specific industry?
I'd love to say yes, however, we are just being introduced and time will tell if we are a good fit for each other. Don't worry though, acknowledging the value of yours, and considering the demand for ours we don't a minute to waste. Keeping that in mind, our team has experience across a broad range of industries. We have over 250 case studies from almost 100 niches. Whether you're in eCommerce, real estate, automotive sales, legal, medical, nonprofits, or small businesses, our strategies can be tailored to meet your specific industry needs and objectives.
Do you provide feedback on the landing pages?
Yes we will inspect and respond. We also design, copywrite, and deploy email creative and landing page. Landing page is usually $597 addon we can do as special of $397. Email creative is included in original price.