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Rusty Don Jordan
Biz Opp / Crypto / MMO / Direct Sale / Affiliate Offers. List 100% Tier 1 Traffic, I filter for my own list sake.
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Only 100% USA traffic sold here. Built list promoting my 6 steps to a
profitable site, w/ offer to build inside.
I review all landing page for quality before promoting to my list.

Great for Work at Home, Make Money Online Systems / Guides, and
Network Marketing

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What is your Tier 1 ratio
100%, I only market my own list to tier 1 countries, mainly the US and Canada. Why would I want to give you any less.
What programs do you promote?
I promote my own program and services to build professional websites and copy writing, as well as some training every now and then. I leave the rest of the promotions up to my traffic clients.
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