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Dan Debiase posted a review

This is Dan Debiase. I wanna give a shout to my man Kenneth. I'm an online marketer and I've actually been using his solo ads on Udimi for the last just a couple of weeks actually I stumble across him on a search on Udimi and I've been having tremendous success with my online business, Ok I do 5 solo ads, out of those 5 solo ads I got 4 who had sales on it. I did minimum amount cause I'm just testing it right now and I'm getting some ridiculous conversion rate actually too. I know if because I'm unbelievable but I'm in this traffic is comin and it's just converting its whats happening. I'm gonna be scaling up, I appreciate it, and uhh Kenneth your gonna be getting more business from me, a lot of business from me in the future man I appreciate you.
Ridiculous conversion rate. Got 50% opt-in rate and another SALE.
Dan Debiase