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Gary Hullfish posted a review

17 direct solo sales... you can't beat that. Udimi is the best!
Gary Hullfish

Hello, everybody, my name is Gary. I wanted to do a quick review of Udimi solos. They are a company that provides solo advertising to entrepreneurs, business people, You know you have a website and you have a link these people will gonna get you opt-ins and they gonna get you sales. Uhh, I've been with them for a little less than 2 years. uhhmm, I've purchased hundreds and hundreds of clicks in that time, met huge amount of people on there I used different people uhh just to see how the traffic is, You know, to see how the opt-in rate is, I wanted to share with you the past 2 weeks cause I had a good success the past 2 weeks I wanted to share uh I ordered 1625 clicks in that 2 weeks I split that up over 7 sellers so uhm you know some solos I bought 400 clicks, some I bought a hundred, some I bought 250 uhmm you know uhm most of them are top tier, You looking at 90%-95% you know, USA uhh UK, Australia you know thats where the buyer are really uhm thats what you want and most of the seller on there have that uhm but anyway 2 weeks 1625 clicks 7 different sellers I literally got 17 direct sales and what I mean by that is I ordered the solo they sent me the clicks and while that solo is running I was getting sales in my inbox, I was getting gold members signing up for my offers people you know wippin out their credit card and buying directly from that solo so to me you can't beat that you know I mean even though I have everything set up to get that opt-in and do follow ups which is you know mandatory you know you can't gonna get guaranteed sales running solo ads but to get those direct sales just shows how hot that traffic is, you know this people have traffic they have they have subscribers they want to buy stuff and uhm you know to get those sales before your solo's even done running is an awesome thing you know not only the sales but I have their emails hundreds and hundreds of their emails that uhm I can follow up with and, and you know thats the point thats the whole point of doing it is you get the email you build your list and you know you work it and thats how you get your sale but to get those direct sales right from the solos just shows how good Udimi is and the solos on there, how good that traffic is. Uhm and also an affiliate that's the original why I signed up for Udimi is to be an affiliate, you can get 15% of ahh you know you just have to the Udimi like you get other people to buy solos and you get 15% of it on that so everybody wins on that situation. Seller get more people coming in looking to buy solos and you know you get a little piece of the action for bringing those people to the site, So you know all in all Udimi you just can't argue in it you know, there are lot of great people on there you go on the forums you talk to people uhmm you can talk to them before you buy the solo they'll help you do your email swipes. You know 100% they'll help you, their Support is "Awesome" uhm the owner "Dimitri" is you know he is right there all the time talking to everybody. Uh Udimi is the great place to be and you know there is no better place to buy a solo, You will get results, and ahh that's it "Udimi is the best!" alright. You guys have a great day.

Gary Hullfish video review
17 direct solo sales... you can't beat that. Udimi is the best!
Gary Hullfish
Kristina Radojicic video review
WAU...Traffic from this seller is GOLD! I have a 48% opt-in rate. Three sales, already. I'm thrilled. Milan is very genuine and professional. Our communication was perfect, and Milan helped me a lot. I'm totally amazed!
Kristina Radojicic
Eniwo Daniel Udezi video review
Excellent solo... 40% optin, got 3 sales on the front end.
Eniwo Daniel Udezi
Dawn-Marie Nesbitt video review
very good run with very responsive traffic that i've connected with on my facebook. that;s how i know the traffic is real people. i got 3 sales.
Dawn-Marie Nesbitt
Sid Tillman video review
This was an excellent first time experience not only did I get 3 sales I got over 50 great opt ins that I can market to in the future GREAT EXPERIENCE
Sid Tillman
Tyronne Ratcliff video review
Ordered 100 clicks,Received 150! 51 leads with a few sales on the way! Definitely ordering from Petar again!
Tyronne Ratcliff
Dan Debiase video review
Another GREAT solo from Kenneth! Got 104% clicks w/ almost 50% opt-in rate and another sale :)
Dan Debiase
Stacy Dantzler video review
Chi-Ching!!! You are awesome... 2 sales and 3 pending...
Stacy Dantzler
Allen Vaega video review
Udimi saves a whole lot of money. I highly recommend it.
Allen Vaega