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Michele Mancino posted a review

Hi guys. I am Michele from Italy. And today, I want to share with you my recent ex... uh, experience with uh, Brandon Sean. I ordered two days ago one hundred clicks and he delivered, more than u, I expected. He has a fantastic customer care service because he explained to seller what kind of guest would sent to you. And give you some tips to make your business more profitable and I appreciate very much. Uh, from my recent ordered, I've got more than thirty percent of conversion rate. That's mean that on hundred clicks I get, I've got more that thirty leads plus two sales immediately. I'm very satisfied from the service and there will be, and will buy for sure more traffic from him. So, thank you Brandon and ciao from Italy.
I actually got 30% leads from the traffic ordered (100 clicks) and 2 sales (trial, but the process has wonderfully worked) Very satisfied I will buy more traffic in future. Thanks Brandon!
Michele Mancino