Blind ratings

Blind Rating Principle

Udimi relies heavily on its rating system as a human-driven backup for automated filtering and monitoring systems.

We really want to create a fair and unbiased rating system. This is why we really want to prevent symmetrical or reciprocal ratings from our users. To do this, we do not allow parties to see each other's ratings until both ratings are published.

If you have already rated your partner, but your partner has not yet

  • Your partner does not see your rating
  • You can delete/repost/change it as many times as you want
  • After 14 days, your rating will appear alone, and your partner will lose the ability to rate

If your partner has rated, but you have not 

  • You do not see the partner’s rating
  • After you publish your rating, you will instantly see your partner’s rating
  • If you do not post any rating within 14 days, your partner's rating will be displayed separately and you will no longer be able to rate

When both partners posted ratings:

  • Both ratings appear online instantly
  • No changes to ratings are allowed
  • The rating can be deleted, but after that, it will not be possible to post a new rating
  • Changes to “Got sales” and “Stars” ratings are allowed indefinitely

The 14-day evaluation period starts from the day the solo order is completed. 

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