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Udimi is a managed solo ads marketplace, connecting buyers and sellers
We guarantee an honest deal between both parties and provide
bullet-proof protection against fraud, spam and timewasters.

Find The Best Solo Ad Sellers
Find The Best Solo Ad Sellers
Marketing solo ads niche is the most popular one on Udimi. Here we have thousands of sellers to choose from
Daniel Huppertz
4304+ orders completed
35% sales ratio
Stefan Lindbom
4703+ orders completed
34% sales ratio
Andreas Arvidsson
3904+ orders completed
32% sales ratio
A Service Rated 5 Stars by Customers
4.8 / 5 • Based on 92,393 reviews
Gary Hullfish
17 direct solo sales... you can't beat that. Udimi is the best!
Kristina Radojicic
Traffic is GOLD! I have a 48% opt-in rate. Three sales, already. I'm thrilled.
Eniwo Daniel Udezi
Excellent solo... 40% optin, got 3 sales on the front end.
Dawn-Marie Nesbitt
Very good run with very responsive traffic. 3 SALES!
Sid Tillman
3 SALES, over 50 great opt ins. GREAT EXPERIENCE!
Tyronne Ratcliff
Ordered 100 clicks, received 150! 51 leads with a few sales on the way!
Dan Debiase
Ridiculous conversion rate. Got 50% opt-in rate and another SALE.
Stacy Dantzler
2 SALES and 3 pending. Thanks for the great work!
Allen Vaega
Udimi saves a whole lot of money. I highly recommend it.
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Supreme Protection
Supreme Protection
Our #1 priority is to guarantee fair and safe deal both to buyer and seller, this is why we took substantional effort to achieve highest possible standard.

Every step of solo order is done only via Udimi platform to guarantee our total control over the process and a successful result.

All payments are processed by Udimi, not the seller. This guarantees safe environment for buyers and timely payments to sellers for their services.

Our blind ratings principle guarantees real, honest reviews from both parties and absence of retaliatory comments on solo ad orders.

Udimi protection
Make More Money
Make More Money
You will receive recurring 15% from orders of your referrals. If your referral spends $1,000 on solo ads, you’ll receive $150. If you get 100 referrals who spend $1,000 a month, you’ll receive $15,000 a month.

As a welcome gift from Udimi, all your referrals will receive $5 discount for their first order.

Udimi affiliate program
Do You Have Quality Traffic?
If you can deliver at least 100 clicks daily, you can sell own traffic to our customers.
Follow these easy steps and start selling in minutes!
Step 1
Create free account Right arrow
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Verify your identity Right arrow
Step 3
Get orders and deliver traffic Right arrow
Step 4
Receive a payment from Udimi
Meet Top Marketers and Become The One Yourself
Meet our elite members inside Udimi member area, get help and friendly advice to achieve success yourself.
In addition to quality traffic and generous commissions, our top users receive physical awards.
Honest and Transparent
Honest and Transparent
Live video call is required for sellers to verify own passport and identity
Since all sellers are verified on Udimi, banned person won’t be able to return back to site under new identity.

Order statistics shows exhaustive details for every click you receive, with device configuration and even a geolocation.

All clicks are being filtered by our in-house click filter that is number one on the market today.

New sellers have to wait 30-60 days to receive the first payment. This protects our community and guarantees easy refunds for all their buyers.
Android app
Easy App
Use our Android app to easily access all Udimi buyer, seller and affiliate functions. All stats, messaging, ordering and settings are integrated into the app. Browse seller profiles and receive push notifications that are important to you.
Get Udimi on Google Play
App rating 4.6 • 10,000+ installs
Newbie friendly
Newbie friendly
Get help, expert advice and mentoring
If you’re new to the game or short on time, our top sellers can write ad text for you.

If you don’t have landing page, you can get one constructed by our sellers.

Those who do not even know how to start, can use our step-by-step coaching services.

Every service has own separate rating, so you can buy only those that have top ratings from other newbies.
Custom click filter
Custom click filter

We want Udimi customers to get the best possible return on their investment, with no wasted time or money. That’s why we protect your account with a custom-designed click filter, so you can be assured that scammers and timewasters won’t be among your audience.

Let’s look at how our unique click filter works in the background to guard your spending and improve the quality of your inbound traffic automatically!

Click filter that is #1 on the market
Click filter that is #1 on the market
We want our customers to get the best possible return on their investment, with no wasted time or money.

That’s why we protect your account with a custom-designed click filter, so you can be assured that scammers and timewasters won’t be among your audience.

We have polished this filter for years and it helps us to detect and ban scams faster than they approach you. Our filter stats show almost 5000+ fraudsters banned and $500 000 000+ saved for our 2 million member base.
Your Success is Inevitable
Your Success is Inevitable
Receive top-quality leads today
Start receiving high-quality traffic today and convert it into sales!