Fantastic second run! 48% over, 98% T1, 45.9% opt-in. Will buy again!

by James Sancimino on 31 July 2017

Hey, James San Simeno here. Just wanted to comment real quick about Margie Lindley.

She has an excellent service, and I've done two runs with her so far, and she's been above and beyond on both.


Experience with Margie


She really is into customer service. And so just telling you, you really should give her service a try. She's a top seller on Udimi, and I'm not surprised. 


Results and Recommendations


This particular run, I got a 98% T1. and over 45 percent opt-in man, that is great.

So definitely going to use her service again, and you should give it a try if you haven't already.

Thanks and have a good day.