Top rated! Ordered 100, got 119. Fast delivery, great opt-in rate!

by Richard Fronek on 09 September 2017

Hey everybody, I just want to jump on here real quick and give a shout-out to Desmond. I highly recommend him as a source for solo ads. Every time I've used him, I've had great success.


Desmond as a Solo Ad Provider


He always over delivers and I've also had a lot of opt-ins using him as a solo provider. I've been using him since December 2016 and every time that I've used him, I've had great success.




So I highly recommend him and if you have any questions, you can just shoot an email back to me.

But if you're looking for a solo provider who actually does an excellent job, I'd highly recommend Desmond.


Closing Remarks


Take care and thank you.