William overdelivered! Generated 45 leads, few sales. Thanks!

by Tyronne Ratcliff on 09 August 2017

Hey guys, Tom Rakoff here. I ordered 100 clicks from William a couple weeks back, and I got 108 clicks. He definitely over-delivered, and my opt-in rate was close to, I think, 50%.


Over-delivery and High Opt-in Rate

I think it was over 50%, and I got a few sales and customers just from 100 clicks, or a little over 100 clicks. I highly recommend you buy his click packages. His traffic is solid.


Quality of Traffic

I mean, definitely, it's great traffic, and it's not just, It's not junk traffic. You're gonna get buyers. You're gonna get leads. 


Final Recommendation

You're gonna get high opt-in rate. Thank you.