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Solo ads is one of the most effective ways to get traffic to your site. Let’s describe on example how it works.Let’s imagine you sell weight loss courses and you need some new subscribers and customers.You go to Udimi and find a person, let’s call him Mike. Mike has a mail list, YouTube channel, Instagram and a blog about weight loss. This person gives advices to own auditory and they listen to him. He is an authority for them as he tells about the best stuff and practices.Now you add your ad text, link to your site and place an order with Mike for the number of clicks you need. Mike reviews what you sell and approves your order.Next Mike sends your ad text to his subscribers from own name, with own comments and own signature. Since Mike is an opinion making person, his subscribers will visit your site and buy your product, if it is good enough.At the end everybody wins:You get new subscribers and customersMike gets payment for his promoMike’s subscribers buy useful product from you.Udimi is a place where you can meet thousands of “Mikes” from the example above. Sellers are always looking for good content and solid products to keep their own lists warm and make own subscribers happy.Buying process is very simple and protected on every step to guarantee a positive experience for everybody. Learn more here: how to buy solo ads on Udimi
Sell solo ads
If you have top notch traffic, we can accept you as one of our traffic suppliers. It is easy, comfortable and very profitable to sell your traffic to Udimi customers.As a bonus, our army of affiliates will promote your offers on Udimi without any effort on your part. Read more: Udimi affiliate program.We make everything possible to keep the highest quality standard on Udimi, so we took reasonable measures to protect our members from fraud and to keep the community friendly and safe. You should know about them before investing your time.1. Every new seller has to pass identity check, verify own name and phone number.2. We hold your first payment until we receive feedback from your different, real buyers.3. Plus, all seller traffic goes through a custom Udimi filtering system that has been developed over the 15+ years we’ve been on the market. We do not accept any proof from 3rd party counters, as they are easily manipulated.4. We heavily rely on ratings and comments from our buyers, so if any doubts arise, especially on new accounts, we will investigate.For honest sellers above four points is not a problem, so if you are one of them, welcome to Udimi. It is free to start selling after you’ve completed the verification. Just add information about yourself and your offer and you’ll appear in our search area. To kickstart your profile and instantly get your first sales, you can purchase promoted status or post a solo deal on our special page.Detailed step-by-step tutorial is here: how to sell on Udimi
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Due to the unreliable nature of email communications, including issues like lack of security, loss of information, and deliverability problems, we strongly recommend using our live support service. To contact us, please log into your account and click the Contact us button. You can find this by hovering over the Help button on any page, then clicking Contact us.There is no bots and a real person will reply in 15 minutes on average.If you are unable to access your accountIf you are unable to access your account or do not have an account with Udimi, please create a free account on the Udimi main page and follow the instructions mentioned above or contact us by email: [email protected] you!
Udimi Affiliate Program
How much can you earn?You will earn 15% on each solo order of all your referrals. For example, if your referral buys $1000 solo, you’ll get $150. If your referral makes 100 orders at $1000 each you’ll get $15 000Plus, you’ll receive 25% from all Prime subscriptions of all your referrals, every month and for their membership lifetime.To maximize your profitWe’ve created a number of tools to simplify your life. First one is the landing page builder, which you can use to modify our original landing page with your own text and images.Plus, you can create numerous variants and split-test between them to achieve the best conversion and profit.To create a benefit for your referralsWe will give a $5 discount to all your referrals after the registration. They wouldn’t get it if they register directly, without your link.Plus, they’d get another $5 after they’ve made their first order.All discount payments are on us, so you don’t lose money on them.To Secure Your ProfitWe’ve created a unique function to secure your profits, even if your referral clears cookies or changes computers.After your referral has made the first order, our system hardcodes your account ID into the referral's account. This guarantees that you’ll get your commissions counted no matter of circumstances.To Understand ResultsYou will have both summary graphs and detailed up-to-the-visitor stats to laser target your marketing. The automatic ROI calculation field will also help you to increase profit.To Reach Your ReferralsSome of our affiliates include Udimi promo as a part of their coaching course or bootcamp. So, to help you connect with your own referrals on Udimi, we’ve created an Automessage feature.Once a referral has registered on Udimi via your affiliate link, the system automatically sends them a private message. You can write there a welcome message from yourself or a quick action guide.Plus, the system can send automatic friend requests to all your referrals.For SellersIf you sell on Udimi and you wish to give a way for others to promote you directly, you can have your own affiliate program which is based on Udimi engine.The best part is it needs no setup. You simply give them your special profile link and the system will credit all commissions to them. You don’t have to worry about commissions, refunds, payments and statistics, Udimi will do all the work for you and your affiliates.Udimi contest and physical awardsEach year, we proudly recognize and honor our top Buyers, Sellers, and Affiliates with a coveted physical award. By joining this contest, you not only get the chance to showcase your professional accomplishments and receive well-deserved recognition, but you also gain a multitude of benefits:Enhanced Credibility: Winning this award can significantly boost your credibility in the industry. It's a testament to your hard work, dedication, and skill, which can enhance your reputation among peers, clients, and potential partners.Marketing and Promotional Opportunities: As an award recipient, you'll have a unique opportunity to promote your business or personal brand. This accolade can be a powerful marketing tool, helping you stand out in a crowded marketplace and attract new business opportunities.Networking Prospects: Participating in the contest opens doors to networking with other high achievers and industry leaders. This can lead to valuable connections, collaborations, and insights into industry trends and best practices.Motivation and Employee Morale: For businesses, winning this award can serve as a morale booster for your team. It acknowledges their collective efforts and can be a motivating factor for continued excellence and innovation.Personal Satisfaction: Beyond the professional benefits, the personal satisfaction of being recognized for your achievements cannot be overstated. It’s a moment of pride that validates your hard work and dedication.Increased Visibility: Winning an award can increase your visibility in the industry. It could lead to media coverage, social media buzz, and mentions in industry publications, further establishing you as a leader in your field.Benchmark for Success: This award sets a benchmark for you and your peers, pushing you to continuously strive for excellence and maintain high standards in your professional endeavors.In essence, joining the contest and potentially winning this award could be a pivotal point in your career or business journey, offering not just recognition but also opening doors to new growth opportunities and professional advancements.See award photos from our contest winnersEven more tools are inside member areaThis is just a summary of all affiliate tools, as we have much inside the member-only area of Udimi, so be sure to register right now and click Affiliates link at the top menu. See you insideThank you
How do scams cheat buyers in the wild market
Wild market“Wild Market” is any site that has absolutely zero protection against click and payment fraud: forums, instant messengers, or social networks. The most popular places to cheat buyers are Skype and Facebook groups. Some scams do it full-time and earn $5000+ a month, so they take their own business seriously and cheat professionally. This article is based on a real story of a scam we recently caught.Let’s say, a scam John Smith decided to start stealing money from buyers by selling fake traffic, what would he do?Fake identitiesJohn creates 10-15 accounts with different names on Facebook, Skype, and a few forum accounts. John uses American names only, most of them are women, because generally, women get more trust. John finds avatars for all fake accounts. Avatar will never be a professional photo. Pretty girl, but not too hot.Fake proof and testimonialsUsing a graphics editor, John also creates fake screenshots from stats and autoresponders.John cross-posts happy testimonials from all his accounts, claiming crazy results and excellent experience. John sends a few emails from one account to another with happy comments, thanking for great traffic, and begging for more clicks. He creates screenshots and adds these testimonials to other fake screenshots.John creates a free autoresponder account and creates a video of him entering the member area. Then he opens the Firebug plugin, edits the number of subscribers with a fake big number, and records another video with modified subscribers count. Using any video editor, John combines two videos. Video with the fake subscriber number overlays the original one. This creates the effect that John logged into his autoresponder to show a large number of subscribers.Fake clicksJohn starts posting his solo ad promos in ad swap and solo mailing groups, claiming he has just started with a fresh list, but already has a few happy clients. He posts his (fake) screenshots with proof, adds a (fake) video of the autoresponder. He already has fake comments on his page from his other accounts. Buyers believe this and buy solos.Now John has to send fake traffic to his buyer's website, but it has to look real. It is very easy to do.John buys a proxy list of usual or residential IPs.John buys a bot app to make thousands of clicks. This app has a proxy list built-in. It switches proxies and makes fake clicks. For each click, it uses a new proxy and then uses random computer info (OS, browser, screen, etc). This way traffic looks real: all “visitors” come from different countries, they all have different computer configurations.Fake optinsAfter all, clicks have been “delivered”, John has to create visibility that some of his visitors actually signed up on the victim's website. John visits the site and looks at the signup form. Most likely it’s just a name/email combination. His app already has a list with first and last names, John inputs values into the app and it creates accounts on the victim's site, randomly rotating names and emails.John’s buyer is happy: according to his statistics, he got tons of clicks and about 40% of them have registered on his site. The buyer posts a testimonial for John. This is the first real testimonial for John for his fake traffic. He immediately adds it to his page and gets even more sales.Even fake salesIf the buyer's product is cheap, John can even make a purchase or two. If a customer paid $40 - 50, a pair of sales for $7 wouldn’t be a problem for John, his profit will go down $14, but the buyer will be thrilled because he thinks John’s traffic is of high quality. His list buys.But John is a greedy scam, he will ask for a refund in 20 - 25 days. He will say that “product is not for me” or “I didn’t use it, sorry” and will get a refund. His buyer will not remember that both “customers” were from John because he already bought a few other solos from other people. He doesn’t track what customer belongs to what seller.Things could become even worse if John participates in black hat credit card fraud forums and uses stolen credit cards to make sales. After owners of these cards will see unauthorized charges, they will initiate chargebacks, and site owners will have to pay chargeback fees on top of the refund. After that PayPal can even decide that the buyer's site is high risk and close his account altogether.Dealing with smart buyersSome buyers suspect fraud, but most likely they won’t post anything in public. They will ask questions and John will do his best to convince them the traffic was very good. If he won’t be able to convince the buyer, he will easily give a refund. John spent nothing, but time. It is easy to give a refund and the buyer won’t keep pushing.
Udimi awards
Udimi awardsAs a sign of recognition and respect, every year we send physical awards to our Top 3 buyers, sellers and affiliates. Like the one below:Here are just a few awards shot by our winners.If you are a winner yourself and wish your photo or video to be included on this page, just drop us a note in Help chat and we will be happy to post it.Mack MillsTop 5 Affiliate of 2018Khaled IbrahimTop 1 Seller of 2019Brandon SeanTop 3 Seller of 2019 James FawcettTop 1 Buyer of 2020Thomas FreemanTop 1 Seller 2021Michael Del RioTop 1 Buyer of 2021Tyler EllisonTop 2 Affiliate of 2021Glenn FedorukTop 2 Seller of 2022Thank you people for your excellent results!Best regards, Uncle Dimitry.